Hi my names Beth. I’m 20 and enjoy wearing make-up and also need it to look like a healthy human being when I’m in a bad pain flare, am surviving on no sleep and may other issues that come with having a chronic illness. The chronic illnesses I have are Ehlers Danlos syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic costochondritis and Raynaud’s.

The reason I wanted to start this blog is because us chronic illness fighters have so many extra things to consider when choosing make up than healthy individuals. For example we have to think about whether we will be able to open the bottle, coverage of bags from poor sleep, blotchy skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, ease of application, ease of removal & so many other things.

I have a love for bright lipsticks and I’m not seen without my mascara very often, I look a bit like a zombie without foundation and I’m on the hunt for a good concealer. I also have a slight addiction to nail polish.

I have set up an email address for Chronic Cosmetics so that if you have any particular thing you want reviewing or have any questions you can contact me there. Also if anyone has a product they have & want to write a review for feel free to contact me as I can’t afford every item of make up in order to review it.

The email address is

I really hope this blog will be helpful & look forward to reviewing



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