What’s in your handbag?

Money Supermarket are running a competition to win a Mulberry Bayswater shoulder handbag, purse and phone case & 6 runners up can win a £25 ASOS voucher by posting about the contents of your handbag and what the estimated cost of our bag & its contents is. Its been interesting reading other peoples posts to see what us ladies carry around with us every day. So here’s what I carry around with me:



Bag £30: I change bags quite often but this is the bag I use most. I like satchels because they are quite big but they don’t swallow everything so you can still find what you need. This bag is from River Island. I’m such a sucker for their bags.

Bottle of water £0.60: I always have a bottle of water with me because I’m constantly thirsty and need to take meds.

So…? Sinful perfume £10.49 (50ml): I always carry something smelly around with me to top up scent throughout the day.

4head stick £4.95: This stick is amazing for relieving a headache when it hits. I always make sure I have one of these on me. I love it.

Prescription Painkillers Free: I always have a bag full of painkillers & other medication for my condition and because I live in Wales my prescriptions are free.

Ring Splint Free: The weird looking plastic thing is my ring splint for my fingers. I carry one around with me in case I need to write and it keeps my finger from hyper-extending or dislocating when I hold a pen. I got it from my Occupational Therapist.

Micropore Tape £2.50: I have to carry a roll of micropore tape with me because I use it to tape up my fingers to keep them in place after I dislocate them.

Extra Chewing gum £0.65: I always have a pack of chewing gum on me because its helpful when nausea hits, plus minty fresh breath

Polos £0.65: I always have polos on me for the same reason as the chewing gum except if my jaw is playing up polos don’t need chewing.

Purse £50: I’m not entirely sure of the price if my purse as it was a gift from my parents. Well kind of. My dad bought it for my mum & she didn’t like it so he gave it to me instead. I’ll take what I can get, although I desperately want a new purse. Its a leather purse from John Lewis.

HTC Sensation XL £400, case £5.00: My phone goes everywhere with me. Had to get the case because I dropped my old one and smashed my screen.

Rimmel London Match Perfection Cream Compact Foundation £7.49: This lives in my handbag. I use it to touch up my foundation throughout the day.

Cherry Chapstick £1.09: My lips are always chapped so I carry lip balm everywhere with me

Bourjois Color Boost Lip Crayon £7.99: I always carry at least one lipstick with me. I love the colour of this for everyday. Its also moisturising so it works as a lip balm too.

Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Fuschia flash £7.19: This was the colour I was wearing when I last went out and haven’t got round to taking it out my bag yet. I always take whatever colour I’m wearing out with me for touching up. I usually end up with about 6 lipsticks in my back and wondering where they all are.

Comb £0.99: Have to carry a comb with you for hair emergencies.

Emery board £0.10: For nail emergencies. No body wants a sharp edge which I end up laddering my tights on.

Sunglasses £15: I never go anywhere without my sunglasses. I have really sensitive eyes so I wear them even when people have headlights on. I have about 6 pairs so I always swap and change but these are my favourite at the moment. Also from River Island.

Kindle Touch £70, case £20: I love my kindle because it fits in my handbag and if I have a long wait at hospital appointments or picking my brother up from school then I can catch up on my reading.

iPod Classic 160gb £170, headphones £6.99: I take my iPod with me everywhere. Never leave the house without it. I have definitely had my moneys worth out of it. I can’t go a day without listening to music.

Total: £811.58 or on days when I take my iPad with me £1080.58.

I’m quite surprised. I never expected the contents of my bag to add up to that amount. The moneysupermarket site does say though that the average cost of a handbag and its contents is £850.

So what’s in your handbag?



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