Hair straightener heaven

I’ve been wanting some new straighteners for about a year now but always managed to talk myself out of it telling myself I had more important things to spend my money on. I really wanted some GHDs but didn’t have that kind of money lying around. When I started chatting to friends about it I found quite a few people were critical of the GHDs and said they weren’t worth the money.

A friend then recommended Remington to me. She said when her GHDs had broken she had replaced them with the Remington straighteners and preferred them. I was worried about the price as I’d seen them for around £80 however when I checked out Amazon I was pleasantly surprised as they were down from £80ish to £40. This was the push I needed to finally treat myself to a pair of straighteners that didn’t pull out my hair.

I can honestly say these are the best straighteners I have ever had and I am really fussy. My hairdresser uses GHDs but I think I prefer my Remington and especially at the price I got them.

I went for the Remington S9500 Pearl Hair Straightener (amazon link). I have really thick hair so I need the hotter temperature. They don’t take very long to heat up & beep to let you know when they have reached temperature. There is a temperature control so you don’t have to fry your hair every time. I find that once I have straightened my hair with these it lasts until I wash it again. My hair also feels smoother & looks shinier after using these instead of fried and frizzy.

They aren’t too stiff so my hand only gets mildly sore whilst using but it would be a miracle if I didn’t get some pain whilst doing anything with my thick mane. You have to be careful not to let your hand get to far up the handle because it gets quite hot near the plates but there is plenty of room for your hand on the handle.

Bonus points they also look good in black and cream with a pretty flower design and come with a heat proof pouch and mat.

I have never loved a pair of hair straighteners as much as these. I don’t put off straightening my hair any more and I love the outcome.  I would highly recommend these. In fact my mum tried out mine and I had to get her some for her birthday to stop her stealing mine and my mum hates straightening her hair so they must be good.




Product Description

The Remington S9500 Pearl Hair Straightener combines advanced technology and traditional ceramic coatings with real pearl to create a hair straightener that delivers professional, salon-perfect results. It’s fast-working, reaches a top heat of 235 degrees Celsius and packs plenty of ceramic to help you effortlessly achieve silky, smooth and shiny hair.

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