Easy Shaving

Like a lot of people I hate shaving my legs but I also love having smooth legs. Massive dilemma. I am also the clumsiest shaver which coupled with my fragile EDS skin that cuts and scars ridiculously easily means I have quite a large collection of shaving scars.

I have tried waxing but that takes my skin off with it, hair removal cream makes me blister & takes my skin off, I didn’t get on with an electric razor and I’m not sure about an epilator so that leaves good old fashioned shaving. I have tried a lot of different razors but the Wilkinson Sword Intuition Plus Hydra Soft Razor has to be my favourite.


Image from wilkinsonsword.co.uk

It makes shaving so much easier by having a block of shaving gel attached to the razor which means you don’t have to fuss about with a shaving foam. Also means there’s no waste as you only use as much as you need. It also has moisturising properties resulting in super smooth legs after shaving. I have shaved with this razor for about 2 months now and I haven’t managed to cut myself with it yet although now I’ve said that I’ll probably end up cutting myself next time. It also has a chunkier handle than normal razors making it easier and comfier to hold.

The razor itself is pricier than normal bog standard disposable razors at £6.49 but I would definitely buy one again and for my fellow chronic illness fighters I would definitely recommend it for an energy saving and injury reducing way to shave. You get quite a lot of shaves out of it and you can buy a pack of 3 blades for £6.29. I would say it is worth every penny and I am definitely a convert.



7 thoughts on “Easy Shaving

  1. Can I ask what this is like on armpits? I find shaving my armpits near impossible due to cuts and razor burn and so I just cover up all the time. Though that is much easier than the strain of trying to shave such a difficult area!

    • I use it on my armpits and its a flexible razor so it moves with the shape of your armpit which makes it a more comfortable shave. Because of the block of soap around the blades it makes it harder to cut yourself and I assume it would also reduce razor burn but I don’t get that so I couldn’t tell you for sure. Other good razors are the venus ones with the soap attached but in a smaller block like the spa breeze or the olay.

  2. I wonder if this is equivalent to the Schick Intuition. I overall am happy with my Intuition for many of the same reasons you mention. I just wish the bar of ‘soap’ lasted longer and wore down more evenly.
    I’ve recently started getting ingrown hairs on my underarms with the Intuition but I’ve been shaving less frequently and have changed deodorants so who knows what’s that really about. On my legs I might get one ingrown with this razor versus the countless I got with my Braun Silk Epi epilator.

    • Oh yes that was one thing I forgot to mention in my post was the uneven wearing of the soap. I end up with some left at the back of the razor and none at the front which is irritating.

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