River Island Wish list

Well its nearly 4am here and I have terrible insomnia and can’t sleep so I decided to browse the internet. I found myself on River Islands site and lusting after a few items so here’s what I am wishing I could spend my money on.

collage 2

I’m not normally a long skirt kind of girl but I love this one. The zip makes the black skirt stand out and I love the slit at the front. I would definitely convert to long skirts for this one.


I do not need another bag. I hope if I keep telling myself this I won’t spend money on yet another bag that I really didn’t need. But this bag is gorgeous. I love the colour and the style. I just love everything about it. I need this bag in my life.


These shoes are gorgeous. I love wedges as they are so much comfier than other heels. These are a gorgeous colour which would look great with a tan and make my legs look so good. Unfortunately I have so many pairs of wedges that I can only wear if I’m out in my wheelchair so that I don’t injure myself.  That doesn’t stop me dreaming about these shoes.


I love this bracelet. It’s so delicate and simple. You could wear this every day as it would go with everything. I may have to buy this as its only £3.00.

I normally wear bodycon mini skirts (I have 22 of them) but I’ve seen these skater skirts a lot recently and I really want to try one. I normally wear black on my top half so this pink skirt would brighten up my outfit.


I really need that bag and those shoes in my life. The things I would do to own them. Now to attempt sleep and dream of strutting my stuff in those shoes & rocking that arm candy.

Sorry for the poor picture quality I’m tired and my laptop is not co-operating.



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