Lipstick Love

As you may know I have a massive lipstick obsession. The brighter the better. The Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid lipsticks completely feed my addiction to bright lips.

These colours are both gorgeous and bright. They feel creamy when going on and they don’t dry out my lips. I also tend to have chapped lips a lot and the good thing about these lipsticks is because they are nourishing they hide the cracks and make my lips look smooth, healthy & gorgeous. It goes on really well.

Even my nan complemented my lipstick the other day and she never complements me. I get asked how I made it stay on so long & I had no answer. I had just whacked it on & left the house. I did have to reapply it but only after about 4 hours and it had survived 2 cups of coffee, a bottle of water a raspberry bun & a cheese baguette. I often wear it to lectures & it lasts hours, remaining bright.  It also lasts without drying out lips or clinging to dry skin.




906 Hot Plum


906 Hot Plum


910 Shocking Coral


906 Hot Plum

I have 3 of the colours 902 Fuchsia Flash, 906 Hot Plum & 910 Shocking coral. The hot plum is the colour I wear the most. Between starting to write this post and getting round to taking pictures I seem to have lost the Fuchsia one but when I find it I’ll put a picture up. This is the lipstick brand I wear the most and at £7.19 I plan on getting some other colours.



One thought on “Lipstick Love

  1. Gotta love a good lipstick, all 3 colours really suit you and I’m especially loving the shocking coral! Xx

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