Holiday Nails

So tomorrow night I am starting the stupidly long journey to my holiday destination in Tignes in the French Alps. Well it wasn’t supposed to be a holiday but it kinda accidentally turned into one.

My brother has landed a job as a chef in one of the hotels out there and I’m taking him over with my dad so we can share the driving. It’s 6 hours to the ferry and then another 10-12hrs from the ferry depending on stops etc.

I’ve checked the weather and it’s not looking that great. I mean it should be warmish but there’s a lot of storms and cloudy weather too. Just my luck that I go abroad when we are having a heatwave & I could catch a better tan if I stayed at home but who am I to complain at least I get a holiday (actually I’m getting 2 because we are going back out in August with my mum and other brother when they have finished work/school and it will definitely be tanning weather then).

Anyways as it might not be that sunny I decided to brighten up my days and make the slight tan I have managed to get stand out with a neon pink polish. In the pictures it looks similar to last weeks Barry M grapefruit but in reality it is so much pinker and brighter.

I used models own Pink punch and Juicy Jules for the glittery accent nail and topped it off with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat.




I’ll try and get some better lit photos when I’m on holiday and post them.

I get back on the 18th so there won’t be any posts until then but I will try and take lots of pictures and a few outfit posts especially with my new skirts and make a post when I get back.



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