Holiday essentials

Having just got back from holiday I thought I’d write a post about what toiletries I took with me


Soap and Glory Mist You Madly Body Spray: I love this body spray, it smells gorgeous and lasts all day. I take this whenever I go away as I don’t like taking perfume because the bottles are more breakable. This is in a plastic bottle so is safe to be bashed around a bit while travelling. Its also only £6.50 for a 250ml bottle so its not too expensive. I just love Soap & Glory

Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter: I love Body Shops body butters. They smell amazing and they are so moisturising. This is my third pot of the strawberry one as I kept getting it for birthdays and I am definitely complaining. It smells like Calpol taking me back to my sickly childhood days but it smells so good I may have been tempted to lick my arm a few times. I also have been complimented on the scent hours after I’ve put it on. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smelling great. I think once this runs out I may pick up the mango or the peach one.

Mitchum advance control deodorant: I’m normally more of a spray deodorant kinda girl mainly because I’m lazy and hate waiting for roll on to dry. I’ve had issues with sprays not lasting as long or turning my tops white and underarms white so thought I would give this a try. Best move I ever made. Its a solid stick so no wet stickiness that you have to wait ages for to dry. It keeps me dry and smelling great all day, even in this heat wave. I am definitely a convert. I think its £3 for 42g but I’ll definitely pay that for it. Its also a great size to chuck in your handbag.

Dove go fresh antiperspirant Deodorant: I took this with me in case I didn’t get on with the Mitchum one as this is one of the few sprays that does keep me smelling fresh all day. However this is the white mark offender that made me have to change my black top last minute because it was covered in white deodorant. If you spray it carefully though I do love it. Slightly pricier than other sprays though.

Batiste Dry Shampoo: Can’t go anywhere without my dry shampoo. I love it. I did a full review here. I made sure I had it handy to freshen my hair after such a long day travelling and it was great to use just before going out in the evenings after a long day in the sun.


Nivea extra gentle eye make up remover: I love this eye make up remover. Its so gentle on my skin but still gets everything off.  The skin under my eyes is easily irritated but this doesn’t affect it at all. Definitely recommend.

Simple purifying cleansing lotion: I apply this after taking my make up off at night and before putting my make up on in the morning. Its really moisturising and leaves my skin feeling soft and makes sure my foundation doesn’t stick to dry patches making it flaky and cracked.

Clean & Clear deep cleansing lotion: I use this to take off my make up at night. Its quick easy and effective.

Nivea facial cleansing wipes: I normally get skin therapy facial wipes from Wilkinson’s but I found these lying about the house, so am using these at the moment. They aren’t that great at removing foundation but they take off the rest of my make up.


Alberto Balsam Apple Shampoo & Conditioner: I love the smell of these.  They leave my hair feeling soft and shiny and smelling great. They are also pretty cheap. What more could you ask for.

Nivea Creme Soft Shower Cream: This is my favourite Body wash at the moment. It moisturises as well as cleans. Magical. It really does moisturise and feels gorgeous when you rub it in. Leaves my skin feeling great and it also smells pretty good too.

Studio Matt & Messy Salt Spray: I got this so that I didn’t have to straighten my hair and could just have a tousled care free look.

Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor: I love this razor though at £9.99 its extremely pricey. It makes shaving so much easier though and you don’t have to take any extra shaving gel with you. I also find it less dangerous to shave with these as I don’t cut my stupidly fragile skin as often. You can get a pack of 4 replacement blades for £9.99.


Migraine Kool n Soothe: I love these. I suffer a lot with headaches and migraines and these are a life save. They are a gel patch that you stick to your forehead and it does what it says on the tin (box). Its cools and soothes. They are £3.25 for 4 sheets. They are a bit pricey but they are so helpful and have saved me many hours of crying in a dark room. Highly recommend.

Suction grip grab handle: I inherited this handle from my grandmother. Some people inherit ugly crockery but I got mobility aids which is way cooler and more helpful. I love this handle. If I’m ever staying somewhere that isn’t my house or an old persons house that is already set up for someone special like me I take this with me. I tend to stick it in the shower. In the apartment we stayed in the shower was over the bath and the bath was terrifying. You had to step up into it & there was no bath mat and my knees like to put me on edge. This handle made showering a slightly less scary experience although I did still get an adrenaline rush from constantly being terrified I was going to fall & my dad would have to rescue me. I also take it to travel lodges etc. I highly recommend it for anyone with mobility issues. They are only about £6 on amazon.

My meds: Was highly organised and made sure I had all the meds I would need for the 10 days I was away.

Voltarol Gel: The best invention in the world. Its an anti-inflammatory gel that you use to rub all your aches and pains away. It smells gross and is really sticky but it helps with the pain a little bit so I put up with it. My dream is to have a bath in it and soak away the pain.

I forgot to take sun cream. I know naughty me but I did buy some when I was out there. Sun cream is really expensive in France so next time I will definitely be remembering mine.

So what are your holiday essentials?



7 thoughts on “Holiday essentials

    • Definitely go for some. They are amazzing and they have really good staying power. I’ve had one fall off and that was only when I hadn’t actually stuck it on properly and I wasnt using it at the time. If anything they are really difficult to get off. I take mine whenever I stay in a hotel or someones house who doesn’t have grab rails. Life saver. I noticed the other day they also sell them in Morrisons for around the same price as amazon

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