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I have a weakness for bags. I spend way to much money on bags and I’m constantly swapping and changing. I have a satchel that I love from River Island which is the handbag I used the most but some days the having the weight of my bag on one shoulder is really painful.

I have seen backpacks in shops for a while now. I wasn’t sure about them as I thought I would feel like I was back in school but I saw this one in New Look and it caught my eye. The colour and the pattern is really eye catching and fun. I can only find a black & white one on the website but here’s mine

New Look Backpack

It is so much more practical for long days than a handbag. The weight is distributed to both shoulders. It is big enough to keep everything you need for the day (Read medication, fold up walking stick, purse, make-up, bottle of water).

Big bags are usually bad at being a black hole and swallowing your stuff making it so that you can’t find your purse when you get to the checkout. Plus side to this bag it has 2 pockets on the front which I usually put my phone and my lipstick in & anything else I need quick to hand.

There is also the usual zip pocket inside the bag at the back and the main compartment may be big but somehow it is easy to find what you need.

I am definitely a backpack convert. It did take some getting used to and I did feel like I was back at school to start with but now my backpack comes shopping with me every time.

I also took it with me on holiday and was great to get everything I needed to hand whilst travelling. Its also really great for if you use a wheelchair because instead of having to have the bag on your lap which gets really annoying, uncomfortable and leaves less leg available to tan, you can hang it over the back and it wont fall off.



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