Selfridges Beauty Box

I saw this beauty box on someone’s blog but for the life of me I can’t remember whose. Even though I’m not going to a festival this year I knew I had to have it. At only £25 it gave me a chance to try things I wouldn’t normally buy plus it had quite a few things in it that I already wanted to try. So here’s what is in the box and my first impressions as I haven’t really got round to trying any of it yet.

            Selfridges Beauty box                                     selfirdges beauty box 1

It comes in a white and yellow cardboard box and you get eleven products.

selfirdges beauty box 2

Sol de Janeiro Coconut water Cooling Mist, £17.00: I love cooling mists but the one that I have at the moment is in a tin can and doesn’t really smell of anything. I was excited to try this. It’s really refreshing and cooling, has a slight fresh scent to it and is moisturising. This is now my favourite product for summer and will definitely be going with me on hot days out.

selfirdges beauty box 3

Cowshed Cow Slip Natural Antibacterial & Soothing Hand Gel, £7.00: I’ve been looking for a antibacterial hand gel for my handbag for ages but my fibro sensitivities mean I can’t cope with the alcohol ones with the really string scent. I really like this one. At first I was sure of the scent but I really like it now. It has sweet orange and peppermint essential oil as well as grapefruit seed extract. It is so moisturising leaving my hands feeling so soft and smelling fresh and clean. It is a bit pricey though.

Hand & Face Mini Wet Wipes (Tutti Frutti): I couldn’t find a link or a price for these but you can pick them up in most high street shops. These smell great and are the perfect size for your handbag.

selfirdges beauty box 4

Violent Lips Warm Rainbow temporary lip appliqués, £6.54: These are something that I’ve been intrigued by. I kind of want to try them what with my obsession with lipstick. Maybe I’ll give them a try on a night out in freshers week in September. I’ll let you know.

Azature Diamond Nail Polish in Champagne, £17.00: I would never spend £17.00 on Nail polish and I wouldn’t normally go for the champagne colour as Im more of a vibrant colour kinda girl. However I really like this colour. It goes on amazingly and looks great on. It is so sparkly I couldn’t stop looking at it. The swatch below is one I did super quick and was too impatient to wait for it to dry between coats hence the not very good coverage. Once I’ve done it properly I will post some more pictures with a full review so keep your eyes peeled.

selfridges beauty box swatches 2

selfirdges beauty box 5

Illamasqua Liquid Metal in Surge, £17.50 but there’s a sale on so now £7.50: This comes in a really nice looking case and is really pigmented and a gorgeous colour (swatch at the end of this post). It can be used as a cheek highlight, brow highlight, eye shadow and eye liner so for £7.50 that’s not bad. I will probably use it has eye shadow and eye liner most but will try all of the uses. It has a really creamy feel to it and glides onto the skin with ease. I will do a full review at a later date.

Colorsmash Hair Shadow in Je ne sais quo, £10.00: I’ve seen these and wanted to try them but as I have red hair at the moment its too dark to give this colour a go. I am going back blonde soon so as soon as that happens I will give this a try & do a full review. Its a bright colour and means you can try having different colours in your hair without the commitment to dye. Its also free of chemicals so any of my fellow chronic illness warriors who can’t use hair dye due to the chemicals you can get your fun colours this way.

eyeko eyeliner

Eyeko London Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in navy, £10.00: I got the black version of this free with Marie Claire magazine the other day and I am in love. I will be doing a review on it later. Due to hand pain, cramping and shaky hands its fair to say I am pretty rubbish at liquid eyeliner. I’ve longed to wear winged eyeliner but have never managed to master it. I tried this pen and its amazing. Its easier to control than normal liquid eyeliner but looks just as good (better on me as I can get them to match and no wavy lines). I highly recommend this pen to anyone who struggles with liquid liner.

selfirdges beauty box 6

bareMinerals Pretty Amazing Lip Colour in Moxie, £15.00: This isn’t normally a product I would buy. I’m not a gloss kinda girl and the colour is a pale pink. It is highly pigmented. One of the reasons I don’t like glosses is the tendency for them to be sticky. This is a tiny bit sticky to start with but once it settles its not really sticky at all. I wasn’t really a fan of the colour until I blotted it down and then it looked okay as a natural lip. I like the packaging and the applicator makes application easy.  I may try it again but I’m not really sure it’s the product for me.

topshop lip crayon

Topshop Lip Crayon in Powder Room, £7.00: This is the first piece of make-up I have owned from the Topshop range. I know shock horror. This is a similar colour to the bareMinerals lip gloss above. The difference being that this is a matte colour. I prefer this one to the bareMinerals but only just. I’m just not a pale pink person, which is a shame because I love the feel of this crayon and how it goes on. Maybe I’ll have to try a different colour. I love the packaging though.

selfirdges beauty box 7

Glitter Chubby Stick in Hottest Pink, £5.95: Who doesn’t love a bit of glitter. Even though I’m not going to a festival this will be great for a night out with the girls. I love the packaging its so pretty. The only downside to this product is the fact that it smells a bit like playdoh, however its not sticky when you put it on and the stick will probably last a long time.

selfirdges beauty box swatches

(L-R you cant really see it but on my wrist is the glitter chubby stick, Illamasqua liquid metal, Colorsmash Hair shadow, topshop lip crayon, bareMinerals lipgloss, eyeko skinny eyeliner)

So what do you think of the box products?



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