Top 10 Summer Nail Colours

I love having my nails painted so much that I now hate my naked nails so I thought I’d do a post on my Top 10 colours for the summer most of them being Barry M as the majority of my nail polish collection is Barry M.

10. Barry M Spring Green

Barry M Spring Green

I haven’t got round to wearing this colour yet but my friend wears it loads and it looks great. Its a really bright green and looks like summer to me.

09. Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream

Barry M Blueberry ice cream

Another one I haven’t got round to wearing yet but I love the colour and name. Its more of a pastel blue but it looks yummy on.

08. Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Prickly Pear

Barry M Prickly Pear

I wore this one with a pastel pink and did a Nails for the week post on it here. I’m not normally a pastel colours girl but I am being converted with these gorgeous colours. I also love the Gelly collection. This lilac colour looks great and flowery.

07. Barry M Coral

Barry M coral

I’m wearing this one at the moment. It’s a slightly orangey coral and looks great with a tan.

06. Models Own Juicy Jules

Models Own Juicy Jules

Who doesn’t love a bit of glitter? I add this to a lot of my manicures normally doing an accent nail with it. Its so glittery and has amazing staying power. It will probably be added to my nails by the end if the week.

05. Models Own HedKandi Beach Party

Models Own Beach Party

I tried this briefly but didn’t get any pictures sadly but I will definitely be wearing it again. Its a really bright orange which looks great with a tan and is just a lovely fun bright colour.

04. Barry M Shocking Pink

barry M Shocking Pink

This used to be the only colour I ever wore. I love it so much. Its a really bright fuchsia kind of pink. Looks great all year round but is great in summer as its so bright. I wore it a while a go with a glittery purple accent nail and did a nails of the week post which you can find here with pictures

03. Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Greenberry

Barry M Greenberry

I get so many compliments from this colour. Another from the Gelly range and I love it so much. It’s a gorgeous colour that looks so summery on.

02. Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Grapefruit

Barry M Grapefruit

Yet another Gelly. This is a gorgeous pink and really makes your tan stand out. It looks great and just looks like summer. I have done a nails for the week post here where you can see pictures.

01. Models Own Pink Punch

Models Own Pink Punch

I have a lot of pinks in my top 10 and more that didn’t make it. Can you tell I’m a pink nails kinda girl? This is by far my favourite pink. Β  This pink is amazing, Its more of a reddy pink but it is so bright and looks amazing in the sun. I wore it on holiday and did a holiday nails post here. I also wore it with a glittery blue accent nail and did a post here. I couldn’t stop looking at my nails wearing this. Its just gorgeous and I highly recommend you try it if you love bright colours.

I’ve only recently tried Models Own polishes but the 3 I own are in the top 10 and I plan on buying more. I love the bottles and the brushes and they have a great range of colours now just got to chose which of the many colours I want because I don’t think my bank will let me get all of them.

What are your go to summer nail colours?


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