Going on holiday…again

So I’m going back out to Tignes with my family to visit my brother for 10 days and then I have a day at home before I head off to Berlin for 5 days with my friends and I’m super un-organised (I still haven’t finished packing) so I have no scheduled posts for while I’m away. Sorry. As soon as I’m back and rested I will have a new post for you



Nails For The Week

This week I decided to wear one of the few colours I own that I have never worn before. This colour made it into my Top 10 nail colours for the summer yet I have never worn it and I have no idea why. Its a gorgeous shade of blue. I went for Barry M Blueberry Ice cream and I love it. I’m very fussy when it comes to blues. I love blues but the shade has to be right and this one is. It’s a light blue but not quite pastel colour. I’ve had so many compliments on it and I can’t believe I’ve owned it so long and not worn it before. If you love blues I highly recommend this one and for only £2.99 you can’t ask for more.

Barry M Blueberry ice cream

Barry M Blueberry Icecream swatch

What do you think? What colour have you been sporting this week?


In Love With Davidoff

 I’ve been looking for a new perfume for ages. I’m not one of these girls that sticks to their signature scent and my Nina Ricci one has very nearly run out. I got excited when I found out I was going on the ferry to France and decided to check out the shop on the way home. I sprayed loads but couldn’t find one I loved and after 12 hours in the car my heart wasn’t really in it.

However when we had docked in England and were starting the 4 hour car journey back home I caught a whiff of my wrist and it smelt soo good. For once I could actually remember which one I had sprayed and vowed to buy it when I went back out on the ferry in a few months (now next week).

I then saw someone mention Fragrance Direct and thought I would check it out and it was love at first sight. If you haven’t browsed this site then you definitely should. Branded make-up and fragrances at much nicer prices. I found the perfume I was looking for and it was £16.99 instead of the £36.00 it was on the ferry and £42.00 it normally retails for. I also just notice that it is now only £18.00 in Debenhams

I could not resist and bought it straight away. Postage and packaging was £1.99 but even with that it was still cheaper. Delivery was quick at the perfume arrived in perfect condition.

I love the smell of this perfume, I got Davidoff Cool Water Wave. I was about to give up on woman’s perfume as I always prefer the smell of the men’s version. My dad has the male version of cool water and I love the smell of it and my mum quite often wears it. When I saw the female version of this I didn”t get too excited as I love the male version of million but am not a fan of the female version. This one however is just as good.

Im not very good at talking about the different notes etc so I tell you what the description says. “It is a gorgeously fresh fragrance from Davidoff which has citrus and aquatic notes which invigorate and energise. A cool combination of Watermelon, Mango, Guava and Passionfruit top notes, Pink Pepper, Freesia and Peony middle notes and base notes of Amber, Sandalwood, Iris and Musk, Davidoff Cool Water Wave Women is a sweet and fruity fragrance”

I love the smell of this, it’s so fresh and definitely fruity and sweet and it lasts all day. I also love the design of the bottle and we’d be lying if we said that didn’t matter. The blue gradient glass reminds me of the sea and I just love everything about this perfume.


So if you haven’t checked out Fragrance Direct before, what are you waiting for. Go shop. They also do Essie nail polishes for £1.99 which I know a lot of you bloggers love.


Mozzypop Wish List

I started following this lovely lady on twitter before discovering her shop. Her stuff is amazing. Sadly however I am saving as much money as possible for holidays so I can’t treat myself to anything but as soon as I have pennies to spare I am heading on over and treating myself, probably to a bag when I can decide which one.  I am now torturing myself with online window shopping and finding loads of things I want but can’t have. So here’s what I am lusting after and you can find all her products here


(All images from shopmozzypop.com )

Triple Stone ring £3.95 – I love the colour of the stones on this ring and the detail around them. It’s just gorgeous and a great price.

Monochrome Smile Tote Handbag £30.00 – This is probably (read definitely) the handbag I will end up treating myself to. It’s gorgeous and I just need it on my arm and as it’s monochrome it should go with everything. I need it in my life and I will have it in my life.

Cranberry Smile Tote Handbag £30.00 – I do also love the colour of this tote but I’m not sure Cranberry would go with everything as well as the monochrome. Still gorgeous though and you can never have too many bags.

Armour Turquoise Stone Ring £5.00 – You may have guessed that my favourite colour is turquoise. This ring is a gorgeous colour and would go really well with the nail polish I am wearing at the moment. I have such a weakness for rings.

Teal Faux Leather Satchel £29.00 – I love the colour of this satchel and was so tempted to buy it until I saw the monochrome tote and then I couldn’t decide and then I had no money. I would still pick the tote over this but this is an amazing colour and would be a lovely piece of arm candy.

So go check out her shop, blog or follow her on twitter. She’s lovely and you will be tempted to buy something.


Bourjois Magic In a Sponge

So this post is about a magical invention that makes removing nail polish a billion times easier. I’ve seen this raved about on many blogs and as removing my nail polish is one of the main things I hate about painting my nails ( I usually pick it off instead, shh don’t tell) I thought I’d give it a whirl. WHY DID I NOT TRY THIS SOONER?

It is called the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover and I can safely say it is magical. At £4.99 it is slightly more than I would normally pay for a nail polish remover but I  would say it is definitely worth it and I wouldn’t buy any other now, plus Bourjois often do 3 for 2 offers. It claims it’s 1 second per nail. C’mon Bourjois what is it with you and your 1 second claims that are impossible. I would say it takes probably closer to 10 seconds per nail but still so much easier than cotton wool.

There is a sponge in the pot with the nail polish remover within the sponge and a hole in the middle. You put your finger in the spongey hole (giggles like a child) and twist a few times and ta-da clean nails. Magical. This invention is a massive win for me because I hate the feeling of cotton wool

The other thing I absolutely love about this product is the red fruit and vanilla fragrance.  When you open the pot you do get the initial nail polish remover smell but no where near as strong and once you’ve finished your nails actually smell fruity. How is this possible. Hands that don’t smell chemically after nail polish remover. I told you magical.

Now for all my amazing  fellow chronic illness warriors I highly recommend this. The smell is no where near as strong as other nail polish removers so no headaches for me. The smell also doesn’t linger in the room making it unusable for hours. There is also no need to put effort in scrubbing at your nails with cotton wool. It couldn’t be easier to just twist your fingers a few times without having to put pressure behind it. Also the lid of the pot is big enough to get a decent grip on it to open and its not too tough to open anyway.

In case you didn’t quite get it through reading this post, I love this product and wouldn’t remove my nail polish any other way. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Bourjois nail polish remover Bourjois nail varnish remover

Have you tried this yet? What do you think?


FidgityDigit Jewellery

So I was having a pretty rubbish day today. I was told my gallbladder is full of gallstones on Friday and then told my appointment to discuss what is going to be done about them isn’t until the 18th September, 2 days before I go back to uni. So until then I am living on porridge, melon and dried pineapple as that’s all I can eat without intense pain and nausea.  I’ve been feeling really ill and my hips and knees are being stupidly painful.

Luckily my day was salvaged by a visit from the postman. I wasn’t expecting my delivery for a few more days but it arrived today. Yay.

So in my package today was the most gorgeous bracelet made by a lady who I met on twitter. She also has Fibromyalgia and she makes jewellery. I have bought 2 bracelets, 2 pairs of earrings and I also have 2 mobile phone charms from her. I love the things she makes and if I had more money I would buy so much more. She also does Reiki Charging if anyone is interested.

She has recently started a kumihimo braids range and I want to buy everything from it. This is the range that the bracelet I received today is from. I’m thinking I am going to have to buy some more once I have some spare pennies. She has made braids using satin, nylon, suede and leather and in many different colours so there is something for everyone. You can choose between lobster clasp or toggle clasp (different shapes are available) and you can choose the length on some of them. She is really great and if there’s nothing there quite right for you she does custom orders.

I went for a purple, blue and white braid with a heart shape toggle clasp £8.95

kumihimo braid 1 kumihimo braid heart toggle Kumihimo Braid

I also got a black and white gemstone charm bracelet with spoon charms on (for the spoon theory) a while ago and I got my mum a purple gemstone charm bracelet and matching earrings for her birthday although I borrow them (read steal). I also have a pair of angels of hope earrings and money from these was donated to the fibroduck foundation. I then received the angel of hope phone charm as a birthday gift and the spoon phone charm as a gift when a few of people with various chronic illnesses met up at the West Midlands Safari Park.

Black and white charm bracelet

Black and white charm bracelet £12.00

FidgityDigit purple charm bracelet

Purple charm bracelet £12.00

 FidgityDigit spoon earrings

Purple earrings £8.00

FidgityDigit angel earrings

Angel of hope earrings £6 with £1 donated to charity

 FidgityDigit phone charms

Angel of hope phone charm £3 with 50p donated to charity

You can have a look through her products in her albums over facebook and maybe like her page and visit her website.

Go check her out

What do you think of my choices?


My nails for the week

Actually on time this week. So this week I’ve been feeling really ill and needed cheering up so opted for a bright pink. I went for Models Own Bubblegum from the Ice neon range which I picked up in my haul a while ago. I painted my nails with two coats of Barry M Matt white first to make the pink stand out more and look brighter. You can tell it is from the Ice neon range. It is definitely neon. I love the finished look. Its so bright. I will definitely be wearing this a lot.

Barry M Matt White


Models Own Bubblegum

What do you think? What colours have you been wearing?