Hand Pump Shower Gel

Showers are hard enough for us chronic illness warriors as it is without having to wrestle with the shower gel and shampoo bottles. Some days my hands just don’t cooperate and I can’t manage to squeeze the bottles. Then I discovered hand pump shower gels and my life was changed.

I got a Soap & Glory set for Christmas and it had a shower gel with a pump in it. I thought it was odd until I used it. Amazing. No need to use your last ounce of strength to squeeze a tiny amount of shower gel out, just lean on the pump and you have enough to clean yourself.

image from soapandglory.com

image from soapandglory.com

This is the shower gel I got for Christmas and I love it, I love most Soap and Glory products. Once I finished it I just put whatever shower gel I had into this pot so that I could use the hand pump but it got a bit battered as its only a soft plastic. Imperial Leather also did one but I can’t find it online. I did buy a shampoo & conditioner in the hand pump bottles but I didn’t like it as it made my hair really greasy.

I plan on buying some of the soap dispenser pots when I have some money so that I can just fill them with whatever shower gel, shampoo and conditioner I have at the time. They’ll also look pretty cool in my shower, better than an assortment of plastic bottles anyway.


image from matalan.co.uk

This Plastic soap dispenser is only ยฃ1.00 on the Matalan website at the ย moment. They have quite a few more to choose from but a pound is a pretty cheap way to make showering so much easier for us.

image from amazon.co.uk

image from amazon.co.uk

I quite like this acrylic one from amazon which is ยฃ5.08 at the moment.

Anyone else use hand pump dispensers for their shower gel, shampoo etc?




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