Eyeko London Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner

I picked up this Eyeko eyeliner as a free gift with Marie Claire magazine last month. I needed something to read on holiday and the eyeliner drew me to this magazine (and maybe a few others).

I suck at using liquid eyeliner and being able to line my top lashes was something I longed to do as well as the much loved winged eyeliner. This eyeliner has completely changed that and I now no longer look longingly at other girls eyeliner with envy (well I do but not as much). I can use this eyeliner with ease.

The box says its easy to control, smudge proof colour in a single stroke. I can agree with that and this is coming from a liquid liner phobic.  I tried it whilst I was on holiday and once I got used to the pressure need to get the right thickness line there was no stopping me. It also lasted all day in 38 C weather whilst I was sunbathing and maybe sweating a little bit but shh.

The only problem I found with mine is the lid ended up on too tight and my poor occasionally useless hands struggled to get the lid off and the nib came out of mine. I don’t know if I had a dodgy one but I put it back in and I can still use it.

I also have a navy one which isn’t a mini  but still skinny, which I got in my Selfridges Beauty box which I haven’t used yet but I do plan on making use of it.  You can also get them in purple and brown.

It is £10 which is a lot for a liquid eyeliner and I’m not sure I would re purchase it at that price especially as I’m trying the Maybelline one which was featured in my haul post the other day and it seems to be just as good for £5.99. However I do still love this product and may be tempted to try some of their other products. I will forever be grateful to it for allowing me to do winged eyeliner as often as I want, I even wore it to my hospital appointment just because I can.

eyeko skinny mini eyeliner

eyeko black and navy eyeliner

eyeko swatches

It’s easier to get at thinner line on your eyelid than it is on your hand although the navy swatch shows it better.

Anyone else tried it? What do you think of it? Whats your favourite liquid eyeliner pen?



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