My New Hair

I’ve had red hair for 2 years now and I was getting bored of it. I used to be blonde and I believe my natural colour is a dark blonde but I haven’t seen that for a while so I’m not entirely sure. I like to change my hair a lot and I used to just keep getting it chopped but then it got too short to do anything with and I wanted to grow it so I decided to go from blonde to red to have a change.

I now want to go back blonde and my hairdresser said she could do that. She decided to put a lot of brown in it with blonde highlights and didn’t tell me that is what she was doing. Now I don’t know whether you have to do a brown stage before going blonde after red but I’m not a fan of being brunette so I wasn’t impressed. I couldn’t complain too much though as I get a massive discount as my dad works for the owner of the company.

To start with I wasn’t a fan of my new colour but it’s slowly starting to grow on me. So what do you guys think?








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