Mozzypop Wish List

I started following this lovely lady on twitter before discovering her shop. Her stuff is amazing. Sadly however I am saving as much money as possible for holidays so I can’t treat myself to anything but as soon as I have pennies to spare I am heading on over and treating myself, probably to a bag when I can decide which one.  I am now torturing myself with online window shopping and finding loads of things I want but can’t have. So here’s what I am lusting after and you can find all her products here


(All images from )

Triple Stone ring £3.95 – I love the colour of the stones on this ring and the detail around them. It’s just gorgeous and a great price.

Monochrome Smile Tote Handbag £30.00 – This is probably (read definitely) the handbag I will end up treating myself to. It’s gorgeous and I just need it on my arm and as it’s monochrome it should go with everything. I need it in my life and I will have it in my life.

Cranberry Smile Tote Handbag £30.00 – I do also love the colour of this tote but I’m not sure Cranberry would go with everything as well as the monochrome. Still gorgeous though and you can never have too many bags.

Armour Turquoise Stone Ring £5.00 – You may have guessed that my favourite colour is turquoise. This ring is a gorgeous colour and would go really well with the nail polish I am wearing at the moment. I have such a weakness for rings.

Teal Faux Leather Satchel £29.00 – I love the colour of this satchel and was so tempted to buy it until I saw the monochrome tote and then I couldn’t decide and then I had no money. I would still pick the tote over this but this is an amazing colour and would be a lovely piece of arm candy.

So go check out her shop, blog or follow her on twitter. She’s lovely and you will be tempted to buy something.



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