Nails For The Week

This week I decided to wear one of the few colours I own that I have never worn before. This colour made it into my Top 10 nail colours for the summer yet I have never worn it and I have no idea why. Its a gorgeous shade of blue. I went for Barry M Blueberry Ice creamΒ and I love it. I’m very fussy when it comes to blues. I love blues but the shade has to be right and this one is. It’s a light blue but not quite pastel colour. I’ve had so many compliments on it and I can’t believe I’ve owned it so long and not worn it before. If you love blues I highly recommend this one and for only Β£2.99 you can’t ask for more.

Barry M Blueberry ice cream

Barry M Blueberry Icecream swatch

What do you think? What colour have you been sporting this week?



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