Invisible Illness Awareness Week

This week is invisible illness awareness week so there will be a few posts up that aren’t beauty related and are more about raising awareness and then some will incorporate beauty into them, maybe.

I have a few invisible illnesses Ehlers danlos syndrome being the main problem causing one.  I also have fibromyalgia, chronic costochondritis, Raynauds phenomenon, and the doctors think I probably have Gastro oesophageal reflux disease. I may do another post on some of these later in the week. Maybe if you want to leave a comment if you’re particularly interested in one.

Invisible illnesses are hard to cope with as everyone thinks you are healthy as it doesn’t look like there is anything wrong with you. Trying to explain that the fatigue is so heavy moving is difficult, Brain fog comes in and makes coming up with a sentence difficult. Trying to explain that you are in so much pain you want to scream is hard when you look like a healthy 20 year old.

There are so many invisible symptoms

– joint pain

– muscle pain

– nerve pain

– numbness

– tingling

– stinging

– fatigue

Brain fog

– medication side effects

– digestive issues

– subluxations

– nausea

– dizziness

– anxiety

– depression

– insomnia

I could go on. Imagine all of these added together every day. You know how terrible you feel when you have the flu and you don’t move from your bed, now imagine that every day of your life. You cant stay in bed every day. There are things to be done. We have to still try and function at an acceptable level.

To be told by people that we are lazy at there is nothing wrong with us makes us feel terrible. Some days I go as far as to think well maybe there is nothing wrong with me. Maybe I am exaggerating. Then I think NO. Healthy people don’t have to put their joints back into place in the morning because they dislocated in their sleep and then get up and get dressed & go to work. Healthy people don’t have to force food down when the feel so nauseous even water seems like too much but they need to take pain meds so they can get on with the day. Healthy people don’t have to lie down on the floor in the supermarket to prevent themselves passing out or to put back a subluxed hip.

I want people to know that invisible illnesses do exist. We are out there and we may look like your average healthy person but under all that is a barely functioning body that we have to use all our strength to fight to last another day without falling apart. My body is held together with will power, medication and pure stubbornness and a few splints & supports.

Don’t judge a book by it”s cover.

I hope all my invisible illness fighters are as well as you can be & your bodies are behaving and know that there are people out there that believe you.

Thank you for reading and I hope you can help spread awareness.



6 thoughts on “Invisible Illness Awareness Week

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  2. That was a good article. Well written and informative. I found it posted by my good friend Rachel of Rachel’s furious blanket fort blog. She ßuffered a TBI from a car accident in Jan and is still adjusting big time so I read what I can to help myself in knowing 2hat to say ànd ask to help her find her new normal. Before the accident I could ask or tell her anything about anything but now there are new lines not to step on.
    I’m glad your using cosmetics to help people feel better about themselves but I’m very sad we live in a world that judges things by what they see on the outside. I try to teach high schoolers in my group to forget about pretty and show and see beauty from the inside, its much harder but lasts forever once achieved in the heart.

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