E.l.f Haul


I’ve never bought anything from E.l.f before but I’ve had it recommended it to me quite a few times. I was doing some online window shopping one night when I couldn’t sleep when I saw they had a 50% off if you spent £20 offer so I thought I’d have a browse, I mean who can resist 50% off.

Spending £20 was easy and it felt so good to see my £20.75 order turn to £10.38. So here’s what I treated myself to.


Brow comb and brush £1.50

I keep having to borrow my flatmates one so thought it was time to replace my broken one and £1.50 isn’t exactly going tp break the bank.



32 pc Eyeshadow palette (colour brights) £6.00

I don’t actually own much eyeshadow. I’m not very confident at applying it but I’m hoping to change that so thought I’d get this to play around with




Eyelid primer in sheer £1.50

I’ve heard loads of good things about this so thought I’d give it a go.



Long wear lip liner in Bitter £1.50

I got this as my new Rimmel lipstick which I blogged about here has a tendency to bleed so thought this might help. It seems to be a pretty good colour match and I will be trying out tonight for fireworks so I will let you know.



Studio Matte Lip colour in Rich Red £3.75

Studio Lip Lock Pencil £3.75

I’ve wanted a matte lip colour for a while as all of my many lipsticks are a slight glossy finish. I’ve worn this once and I’m in love. I decided to get the lip lock pencil to see if I can get my favourite colour lipstick that never seems to want to stick around to last longer. I haven’t tried this yet but I will get back to you.



Tinted moisturiser in nude £3.75

I’ve wanted a tinted moisturiser for ages for days when I really can’t be bothered with make-up. I’ve tried this once and I really like it.


Did anyone else treat themselves with the offer?

What are your favourite E.l.f products?



2 thoughts on “E.l.f Haul

  1. I bought the baked blushes, 2 contour kit, waterproof eyeliner pens (various colours), cream/gel eyeliners as I left the top off my old one & it dried out! (vairious colours) , 3 mineral boosters (I finished a sheer one a long while ago wanted to replace it & try some of the others!), lip exfoliator, a mineral lipstick, sheer eyelid primer, and some of the studio brushes. I spent about £40 after the 50% off.

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