Chester Haul

Not last week but the week before me and a friend took a trip to Chester for a spot of shopping. I was so excited because we don’t have a Primark where I live so I had a chance to go there but obviously I was most excited for the Disney Shop like the big kid I am. So here’s what I got


Christmas Pj shorts £4.00

My friend was horrified that I didn’t own any christmas pyjamas and these are so soft and comfy I had to have them.


Jumper £14

My friend was equally horrified if not more that I didn’t have a Christmas jumper. This was as close as I was going. Not really a fan of the ones with Santa on that you can only wear at Christmas. I think I can get away with this for all of winter. This is also really soft and soo cosy.


Penguin gloves £2

I forgot my gloves and because of my poor circulation and raynauds my fingers were so painful even though it wasn’t that cold. Luckily I saw these cuties and for only £2 they had to be mine.


New Look

Bad Hair Day hat £6.99

I have wanted this hat ever since I tried it on and then stupidly didn’t buy it a month ago. Every time I went into my local store it had sold out and was even sold out when I checked online. I gave up hope and decided we just weren’t meant to be. I have never been so happy when I went into the Chester store and it was there. I grabbed it immediately and didn’t let go. I even swapped hats and wore it home and it’s been attached to my head most days since.



Penguin travel mug £5.99

I am in love with these mugs. I already own two but they are so handy especially when my hands are playing up and this one is covered in penguins and it matches my new gloves so I kinda had to get it 🙂



Bubblegum Lip Scrub £5.50

My lips are really dry at the moment and as I’m addicted to lip stick I need my lips to be in tip top condition. Heard loads of good things about this so thought I;d give it a go. So far I am in love.



Lasting finish lipstick by kate in 110 £5.49

Obviously I got drawn into boots and it was 3 for 2 on everything so it would have been rude not to get anything. I have wanted to try this colour for ages so finally treated myself and I love it.


seventeen phwoarr paint £5.49

My under eye bags are getting ridiculous so as this is a heavy duty under eye concealer I thought I’d give it a whirl. It seems to do the job.


Models Own Velvet Goth in Absinthe £5.00 (free)

I have wanted to try this range ever since I saw the first swatches but have hesitated but as it was free thought I’d give it a go. I will be putting up a full review so you can wait to here about my thoughts.


Disney Shop

Sulley Cushion £12

I actually got 2 of these as I got my brother one too. I love sulley and these were reduced so I had to. He is super soft and I have an obsession with soft fluffy things so it was fate that we ended up together.


Sulley cup £3.75

This was also reduced and I needed to replace the glass I broke. I looked like I had a Sulley obsession when I took the 2 cushions and this to the checkout 🙂


Christmas Pascal £4.99

There was an offer on that when you spent over £10 you could get pascal for £4.99 instead of £8.99. I thought it would be rude not to as tangled is one of my favourite films and I love Pascal although his face on this toy is kinda creepy.


Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows had to be had


I was so tempted to buy this hat but I felt a bit over the top. It was really cosy and so fluffy.


And the day was ended perfectly with waffles and smoothie in Patisserie Valerie




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