Black and Gold

I’ve had this gold nail varnish since the summer but haven’t got round to using it, now I wish I’d tried it sooner. I’m loving having dark nails at the moment because it’s a nice change from the bright in your face nails I rocked all summer. I decided to do black with sparkly gold accent nails. I was going to do just a ring finger accent nail but one nail of glitter just wasn’t enough.

I opted for Barry M in BlackΒ with Azature in champagne. The azature polish contains real diamonds and is Β£17.00 which I would never spend on a nail polish but I got it in the Selfridges beauty box I got in the summer and I am so happy I did. As expected from a Β£17 polish it lasted well and it was so glittery I couldn’t stop staring at it. I also ended up with Black & gold by Sam sparro stuck in my head every time I looked at my nails.

I am sure this look will reappear many times and I may even wear it on Christmas day.



This was the only semi decent picture I got but I plan on doing it again soon so will post more pictures of the glittery goodness.

What do you think?

Favourite gold polishes?



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