What I got for christmas

I was in two minds as to whether to post this. I really don’t want it to look like I’m bragging but I’ve enjoyed reading what everyone else got so decided to do it too.

We had a different kind of Christmas this year. My Dad’s a fireman and he works near Bristol but we live in mid Wales and he was working Christmas eve day and Christmas day Night so we decided to go and stay in a Premier Inn so he could spend the time he was off with us. We had stockings to open Christmas morning but we went shopping on Boxing day and chose our own Christmas presents in the sale which was different and really fun. We also went out for lunch on Christmas day. The food was okay but not amazing but we didn’t have to cook it or do the washing up after. I might do another post on what I wore. It was lovely to spend time with my family and have a laugh with my brother. My other brother who has moved to France phoned us at 7am to laugh at the fact that he got to wake us up and even though I wasnt too pleased to be woken up it was lovely to speak to him.

So here’s all the amazing things I got




I was super spoilt by my parents this year. My phone contract was up for renewal so I got an iPhone 4s which I adore. I’ve wanted a camera for ages but I stuggle with the big ones as they are heavier and harder to hold with my crappy joints. I fell in love with this one when I saw it as its smaller, touch screen and just amazing in every way. It has wifi and I can even download apps and post pics straight to instagram and facebook. I could blog from it if I wanted to. I am so in love I cant wait to take even more pictures with it.


The Umberto Giannini kit has volume mousse, full volume hairspray, root boost volume spray, pintail comb and 8 barrell rollers. I cant wait to try it.

Batiste dry shampoo is a must and I also got a hair mist and a shower cap as Im super lazy when it comes to washing my hair especially on bad pain days.


I’m hat crazy so I got two new hats including the fluffy one I was lusting after in my Chester Haul post.

My hands are always cold so these adorable koala gloves are going to permanently be on.

My feet are also always freezing (damn poor circulation) so heat holder socks are a life saver.

The cold always gets into my joints and causes me to stiffen up so hopefully these thermal leggings will help out.


I got the Sanctuary hot body scrub for my mum last year and may have borrowed (stolen) some and fell in love so we got one for each other this year. It is amazing stuff.

The nail varnish remover is nourishing whitening remover for weak nails so hopefully my nails will be in better shape soon.

I asked for a nail file and my mum definitely delivered. I ended up with 4 including a glass one. You can never have too many nail files.

I chose the Soap & glory crazy sexy khol set in the sales as it was Ā£4 at half price. I’ve tried the navy liner already and I love it, will definitely be using this a lot.

I was also treated to the amazing razor that I love but don’t buy very often as it’s quite expensive. I did a review on a similar one here.Ā 

So glad with lots of shower gel as I was running out so now I have a decent supply for uni.

I also got a glitter tattoo kit and a nail art set with wraps and gems.


My mum knows full well that I am still a big kid at heart.

I got a Whinnie the Pooh puzzle, playdoh, fairy colouring book, Disney memory game and Phineas & Ferb top trumps.

I love all of it and have already played top trumps with my brother (I won) and coloured in.


The weird looking key chain is a super handy gadget for opening cans, bottles and makes using keys easier which is great for when my hands & fingers are playing up and I can never get into my cans.

The plastic bottle is going to be so useful as I am always thirsty plus the tube you can see in the middle is an ice pack that you can put in the freezer over night so your drink stays cold for longer which makes it even better as I’m always too hot (apart from my hands and feet)

The frog is super fun to play with but it is also a gripper so you can open bottles and jars easily. I have mainly used it as a puppet to annoy my brother as I’m very mature but it is a great thing to have around.


My Aunty & Uncle got me this from Lush. The only thing I have tried from there is the lip scrub which I love so I’m super excited to try everything out. There is The Olive Branch shower gel, Celebrate lotion, Sandy Santa body Butter, Green Fun, Orange jelly soap.


Love my new pyjamas and it is so true. Also adore my new slippers. You can never have too many pairs of slippers and the fluffy trim is soo so soft which is a major plus.



My flatmate got me the minion as I love them. My mum then added to this by getting my despicable me 2. She also got me the Nativity and Snitch. I really wanted to see Snitch in the cinema but missed it. My other Aunty got me Pretty Little Liars series one and I cannot wait to start watching it. I’ve seen a few episodes before and loved it.

Hope you had an amazing Christmas.



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