Keeping Warm In Raynaud’s Awareness Month

As some of you may not know, this month is Raynaud’s awareness month.

“Raynaud’s affects between 3-20% and mainly females. In this condition, the blood supply to the extremities, usually the fingers and toes but sometimes also the ears and nose, is interrupted. During an attack they become first white and dead looking. They may then turn blue and finally red and burning when the blood flow is restored. There may be considerable pain, numbness or tingling. These symptoms are due to an intermittent lack of blood in the affected parts when the arteries normally supplying them spasmodically contract. An attack will often be triggered by touching cold objects or exposure to cold of any kind. Emotions, such as anxiety, may also play a part as can smoking”

You can visit here to find out more information

I have Raynaud’s and really struggle with painful hands and feet especially in the colder winter months. I do still get pain in the heat which means I rock the very attractive look of shorts and fluffy socks. It may catch on one day.

So in order to help those who may have just been diagnosed or who are struggling with keeping their extremities warm and as pain free as possible I thought I’d put together a list of all the amazing things I wear to keep snugly. These also help my joints which really struggle in the colder months resulting in more pain and stiffening up.


(L-R Walking Socks, Chenille SocksLeg WarmersHeat Holder SocksHeat Holder Leggings, Knee High SocksWelly Socks)

This is a very small sample of all the socks I own. I have about 2 drawers full of just socks, tights and leg warmers. You can never have enough pairs of thick socks.

I am always wearing a pair of the fluffy socks around the house. They are so soft, comfy and most importantly warm. I have lost count of how many pairs I own.

Leg warmers are great for keeping ankles nice and toasty and stopping them from seizing up (also hides ankle supports if you don’t want them on show)

I love my over the knee socks as I can keep my feet, ankles and knees warm all in one go, plus they look awesome. 

These welly socks are the best thing ever. They are so thick making them comfy and incredibly warm. 


I got a pair of the Heat holder leggings for Christmas and I have no idea how I survived without them. I’m not a fan of wearing trousers and tend to live in shorts/skirts and tights so these thermal ones that aren’t really bulky are amazing. They really do keep the heat in and I highly recommend them.

Heat Holder socks are also amazzing. They keep my feet so warm that sometimes I have to take them off because my toes are so toasty. As you can see in the pic above the inside of the socks are nice and fluffy and super soft. They have a great range of colours and they also do slipper socks with the grippy pads on the bottom.


Hats are a necessity in my life in this weather, they also mean I don’t have to do my hair which is a major plus. As you can see I own quite a few and it’s not very often that I go out in the cold without one. Keeping your head warm makes you warmer. Plus hats look awesome and keep your hair out of your face, win, win situation. 


Hot water bottles and wheat bags are essential for keeping warm. I even take mine to lectures with me some days however this does make it difficult to stay awake.  Hot water bottles last longer than wheat bags but I can’t fill a hot water bottle myself so if I’m on my own I use the safer microwavable animals (something very odd about watching an elephant go around in the microwave). You can get the elephant here or the beddy bear here. The only downside to the wheat bags is they tend to come scented with lavender which I don’t like but it does fade after a few uses. 




(Red Gloves, White Gloves, Pink Touch Screen Gloves, Micro Fibre Smart Touch Gloves)

Can’t forget gloves and although I own many pairs I could not find a single pair to include in the photos. Gloves are essential otherwise I get so much pain in my fingers and they cramp up. Im a fan of the fingerless gloves with the mitten part that folds over so that I can still use my phone when I need to but keep my fingers snugly when I don’t need them. These kind of gloves are also good as I can still tape my fingers together or wear my ring splints when they are misbehaving, Touch screen gloves are also very useful so technology can still be used whilst keeping warm.



(Beige Slippers

And of course slippers are very important for keeping your feet nice and warm around the house. I rarely walk around the house without them

What are your essentials?



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