Models Own Matte Top Coat

I bought the Models Own Matte Top coat when they had their big 50% off sale. After trying the Barry M Matte Black which I did a post on here, I fell in love with the matte effect and wanted to try some of the colours I already owned and see what they looked like matte as I’d seen a couple of bright matte nails on pinterest which looked amazing. When I saw this on Models Own I knew I had to have it and as it was only £2.50 in the sale I couldn’t exactly say no.

I love the effect it gives and I am in love with bright matte nails. I have tried it with Models Own Pink Punch and Barry M Vivid Purple. They both looked amazing but I think I preferred the Pink Punch because it was so bright.

The only downside I found with this product was the matte effect seemed to wear off after a day and I had to top it up to get rid of the shine. I’m not sure I would buy it again only for this reason. I might try another brand to compare lasting times.



Are you loving matte nails?

Any matte top coat recommendations?



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