Pillow Fort Magazine


Finally getting around to writing a post about this amazing magazine. The Pillow Fort was started by Lizzy who is totally awesome. The site has all sorts of amazing things on it like a blog with lots of interesting and helpful posts, a shop with lots of products that make having a chronic illness so much easier and better and of course the magazine.

The magazine is £3 which is a really good price. For that you get a 46 page magazine with around 19 submissions from others with various chronic illnesses and the magazine comes in PDF format so you can take it with you on your phone/tablet. The Pillow Fort is all about positivity, self care and thriving with chronic illness. This is a great idea as sometimes having a chronic illness can get you down.

I haven’t quite finished reading the whole magazine yet but it is amazing and there are some really interesting articles and I have enjoyed reading every single page.

So to get your own copy…

Click here to visit The Pillow Fort.

You can also follow the Pillow Fort on twitter


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