River Island Kimono Wishlist

I am in love with the kimono trend. They make you look like you made way more effort with your outfit than you actually did. They can be casual or dressed up and they’re super comfy. I tried on Number 1 today and was so tempted to buy it as its gorgeous, even though Im not normally a flowers person, but I’m trying to save some pennies at the moment. I also tried on number 4 but wasn’t sure about the tassels. It did look really nice though.
River Island Kimono Wishlist

1. Black Floral Print Kimono £35

2. Black Abstract Embellished Trim Kimono £40

3. Black Embellished Trim Kimono £35

4. Pink Floral Oriental Longline Kimono £40

5. Blue Tiger Print Satin Burnout Kimono £40

Are you a kimono fan?
Which one out of the 5 do you prefer?

One thought on “River Island Kimono Wishlist

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