Shine on Award

I got nominated for the shine award by the lovely Tamara. If you haven’t already you should definitely go check out her blog as it’s one of my favourites. I had never heard of the shine award before but it made my day to be nominated. 

There are five rules for The Shine Award, which are:
1. You must display The Shine On Award logo in your blog post.
2.  You must acknowledge the blogger who nominated you within your post and include a link to their blog.
3. You must share 7 random and interesting facts about yourself.
4. You must nominate 15 bloggers that you adore and think deserve the award, linking their blog in your post.
5. You must contact your chosen bloggers to let them know that they have been nominated.
Now onto the facts
1. I have no idea what my natural hair colour is, I haven’t seen it since I was about 14.
2. I really want to be a mermaid
3. I used to own 2 horses, a welsh mountain pony and an ex racehorse and I would do anything to own one again
4. I own soo many pairs of shoes yet I tend to kick my shoes off at every opportunity (Plus side to using a wheelchair is no need for shoes)
5. I can’t cope with my knees touching so if I’m lying in bed I need a pillow between my knees
6. I hate wearing trousers and will mainly be seen in shorts/skirts with tights and its been about 3 years since I wore jeans
7.  When I was born I was predicted to be 5″ 8, I think they miscalculated as I am only just 5″ 3.
I would like to nominate


Thanks again to Tamara for the nomination, you really made my day. And you guys should go check out my lovely nominees.



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