Wake me up Foundation

Product: Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation

Price: £8.99

Product Description:

– Anti-fatigue effect & radiant glow

– Wake Up & Glow! Rimmel’s first liquid foundation that instantly reawakens skin with a healthy, radiant glow

– Light, moisturising texture applies smoothly and leaves skin feeling soft and comfortable all day

– Gives an instant flawless, natural-looking finish

– Visible anti-fatigue effect with peptides and a Vitamin Moisturising complex


I quite like this foundation. I must admit I still prefer the MaxFactor 3 in 1 but this one is still pretty good and slightly cheaper as well. The anti-fatigue effect does actually work and having a chronic illness means that an anti-fatigue effect is needed. After applying this I do have a healthy glow & look awake. It covers blemishes & red blotches. Its even quite good at covering under eye bags with only a little bit of extra concealer needed some days. It lasts all day even without a primer and a little bit goes a long way.

The downside to this foundation is I wouldn’t say it is exactly light. It is quite a thick consistency. After it has been on for a bit it doesn’t feel thick but going on it is quite heavy, however once its on & settled you do feel like you aren’t wearing anything. I would also say that this is not a foundation for the paler skin tones. With only 6 available shades it can be tricky to find the right match.

All in all I do like this foundation and I do use it quite often but I tend to use it more in the summer when I have slightly darker skin.



MaxFactor 3 in 1 Foundation

Product: MaxFactor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 foundation

Price: £11.99

Product details say:

Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 foundation holds like a primer, corrects like a concealer with the long lasting finish of a liquid foundation with SPF 20.

  • Lasts all day, giving a flawless finish
  • Primer gives a smooth base for hold
  • Concealer corrects for a flawless look

My first post is my review on the foundation that I am in love with. I first purchased it because it was on special offer. The fact that it has a primer & concealer in it appealed to me as that meant in the mornings when I am not feeling my best & need to save as much energy as possible I could cut down my routine by 2 products and cut down the effort required. The bottle is easy to open and the pump dispenser isn’t too stiff so no dislocated fingers. It is also easy to unscrew the top for when you need to get the last dregs out.

The product description is spot on and I was sceptical about whether the primer would provide a good enough base to hold it in place all day. It does and a small amount goes a long way.

I’ve given it the proper chronic illness test. It gives good coverage but isn’t thick & it feels like you are not wearing anything. It gives me a healthy glow resulting in me looking like a healthy human being instead of a zombie and it even manages to cover the red blotches I get on my face when I am run down. I did occasionally need extra under eye concealer for my mammoth bags but that’s mainly my insecurities towards always being told I look tired. I can safely say it does last all day including hot flushes and it even survives naps.

It  isn’t the cheapest foundation but if you time it right maxfactor do some great offers as well as superdrug with 3 for 2 etc. However I would say it is definitely worth it and a bottle does last.


The lighting isnt great but I am wearing the foundation in this picture