Shop Dixi Midi Rings

As mentioned in my after exams haul post I recently added to my Shop Dixi midi ring collection. I am obsessed with midi rings and Shop Dixi has an amazing collection. I want everything from them and it’s really hard resisting spending all my money there.

So far I have

Show Me The Way Midi Ring in Silver £12

Rose Gold Wishbone Midi Ring £8

Plain Band Midi Ring Silver £8

They look great on and it means I can wear more rings as I was starting to run out of fingers. I have noticed a bit of discolouration on the plain band and I do get the slight green finger but a slick of clear nail polish on the ring every now and then sorts that out. Delivery was really quick and a decent price. You can also be entered into a monthly prize draw by uploading a picture of your purchases.





(L-R Plain band, Show me the way)

You can also follow them on twitter and they occasionally tweet discount codes.

Anyone else have anything from here?

What’s your favourite?



FidgityDigit Jewellery

So I was having a pretty rubbish day today. I was told my gallbladder is full of gallstones on Friday and then told my appointment to discuss what is going to be done about them isn’t until the 18th September, 2 days before I go back to uni. So until then I am living on porridge, melon and dried pineapple as that’s all I can eat without intense pain and nausea.  I’ve been feeling really ill and my hips and knees are being stupidly painful.

Luckily my day was salvaged by a visit from the postman. I wasn’t expecting my delivery for a few more days but it arrived today. Yay.

So in my package today was the most gorgeous bracelet made by a lady who I met on twitter. She also has Fibromyalgia and she makes jewellery. I have bought 2 bracelets, 2 pairs of earrings and I also have 2 mobile phone charms from her. I love the things she makes and if I had more money I would buy so much more. She also does Reiki Charging if anyone is interested.

She has recently started a kumihimo braids range and I want to buy everything from it. This is the range that the bracelet I received today is from. I’m thinking I am going to have to buy some more once I have some spare pennies. She has made braids using satin, nylon, suede and leather and in many different colours so there is something for everyone. You can choose between lobster clasp or toggle clasp (different shapes are available) and you can choose the length on some of them. She is really great and if there’s nothing there quite right for you she does custom orders.

I went for a purple, blue and white braid with a heart shape toggle clasp £8.95

kumihimo braid 1 kumihimo braid heart toggle Kumihimo Braid

I also got a black and white gemstone charm bracelet with spoon charms on (for the spoon theory) a while ago and I got my mum a purple gemstone charm bracelet and matching earrings for her birthday although I borrow them (read steal). I also have a pair of angels of hope earrings and money from these was donated to the fibroduck foundation. I then received the angel of hope phone charm as a birthday gift and the spoon phone charm as a gift when a few of people with various chronic illnesses met up at the West Midlands Safari Park.

Black and white charm bracelet

Black and white charm bracelet £12.00

FidgityDigit purple charm bracelet

Purple charm bracelet £12.00

 FidgityDigit spoon earrings

Purple earrings £8.00

FidgityDigit angel earrings

Angel of hope earrings £6 with £1 donated to charity

 FidgityDigit phone charms

Angel of hope phone charm £3 with 50p donated to charity

You can have a look through her products in her albums over facebook and maybe like her page and visit her website.

Go check her out

What do you think of my choices?


Jewellery Tree

I’m not feeling too great at the moment. Having a costochondritis flare making breathing hurt so thought I’d write a quick post on what I use to hang my jewellery on.

I had been looking for one of those fancy necklace stands for a while but they were all about £12 and you could only fit a handful of necklaces on them & I have a lot of jewellery. I also wanted somewhere to hang my earrings.

I was browsing Matalan one day when I spotted these mug trees. They are only £3 so a much cheaper option and as they have six arms there is plenty of room to hang jewellery. I hang all  my earrings, necklaces and some bracelets on them. They also look good in my room and make finding my jewellery so much easier. These are a cheap and practical way to store jewellery in an easily accessible way.



Sorry for the poor quality pictures.