Recent Haul

So as you can see my spending ban is going well although my mum did buy me a few of these and I thought I’d show you the gifts my dad bought back from Gambia at the end of the post.

So here’s what I gave in and purchased

River Island Black Floral Print Kimono £35 £17

As mentioned in a wishlist a few posts ago I’m really loving kimono’s and this was top of the want list even though I’m not a floral person. However, I couldn’t justify £35. I saw it on sale on-line but the didn’t have my size so I popped into the store and there was one left in my size which was obviously fate and meant I had to have it


River Island Grey New York Beanie £10 £5

I’m addicted to beanies as it means I don’t have to do my hair and don’t yet own a grey one and as it was in the sale I couldn’t really say no. I love this and have worn it rather a lot since


Cream Floral Lace Kimono £19.99

Not normally a flowers or lace kinda girl but I fell in love with this. I thought in the summer it would look great dressed up with a dress or down with a vest top and denim shorts.


Blue Tribal Print Mini Tube Skirt £9.99

I’m a massive fan of bodycon skirts and bright prints so this was perfect and love at first site.


Hudson & Rose Navy Drawstring Shorts £9.99

These are so comfy and even made it to my revision and bad pain day wardrobe post the other day and I may have to go out and get some more maybe in the other colours.


Acid Wash Lace Dress £12

This is going to be perfect for summer but it also looks great with black tights so can be worn all year


Polka Dot Skirt £8

Once again bodycon and prints. Getting into midi skirts at the moment as they’re really good casual wear as I’m trying to move away from shorts all the time


Printed Jersey Vest £6

Love my vest tops and this one is so comfy


My dad recently went to Africa with his job to help train the fire fighters out there and I’m really jealous as he had an amazing experience, met some lovely people and he got a really good tan.

Here’s the gifts he bought back to make up for the fact that he went without me

These are the gorgeous bangles he got me and I am so in love with them plus they go with everything and he knows jewellery is the way to my heart


Every girl needs a pair of super cheap fake Ray Bans. I’m a complete sunglasses hoarder and apparently every where you go out there someone is selling fake designer sunglasses for a couple of quid. The lenses aren’t even black but I love them anyway.


Beaded necklaces are a must have souvenir


This is my favourite gift and it’s not from my dad. My dad gave a few old Wales rugby shirts we had lying around to a woman and her family and she gave him this necklace to give to me. Its gorgeous.


So what have you been spending your pennies on recently or have you been good?



Gym stuff wishlist

I do have some posts that aren’t wishlists to come up soon, I just have to get around to writing them which hopefully I’ll do over the weekend. So for now here’s the gym/lounging around stuff I want in my life.

I really need some more gym stuff but that’s not something I particularly want to spend my precious pennies on when there are so many prettier and more exciting things I could buy. However Matalan & Asda have a pretty good selection of gym stuff for pretty low prices and they are great for bad pain days and hospital appointments.

I already own the front zip sports bra and it is better than my more expensive one and so much easier for my crappy shoulders. I cant have the pull over your head sports bras because they just result in me getting stuck and dislocating shoulders which isn’t particularly fun and kind of embarrassing when you have to get your mum to help you out of said predicament. This solves all problems and is super comfy. It also gets worn when my costochondritis is flaring but I have to go out in public so need a bra.

I also already own the grey cropped leggings. So far these have only been worn to the gym once as they are so comfy I tend to wear them on bad pain days and when certain clothing irritates my skin hence the need for another pair. These are also comfier than the £24 pair of karrimor ones I bought to start with.

I really want to try the asda leggings as they look super comfy too and the Matalan shorts look great for when the weather gets warmer. I also need some more gym tops as I only have one tatty vest top that I have to keep washing.

My gym wear always doubles up for the complete opposite of its intended purpose as they are great for when I cant get away with wearing pyjamas but just don’t have the energy to get dressed in real clothes.

Gym stuff wishlist

1. Active Vest Top £8

2. Front Zip Sports Bra £8

3. Active Bubble Hem T-Shirt £8

4. Athletic Works Neon Side Piped Cropped Leggings £10

5. Active Shorts £8

6. Active Crop Leggings £10


My Recent Haul

Recently I have treated myself to a few things and my awesome mum has also bought me some items. So here is what has been added to my wardrobe 

Love Sleep Pyjama Shorts £5

I got these in Asda when I was looking for underwear but I have a weakness for pjs and you can never have too many plus I do tend to spend the majority of my time in pjs. I am currently writing this post wearing them and they are super comfy. They seem to be out of stock now though.


Active Crop Leggings £10

I only had one pair of leggings for the gym and have been looking for a cheap pair for ages as my other pair cost £24. These are so comfy I also wear them for non active things such as sprawling in front of the TV. I may pick up another pair. They are definitely worth a tenner and I would say similar quality to my more expensive pair. I also want to try some of the other items in Matalan’s sportswear range.Image

Jewel High Top Trainers £20

I wasn’t sure about the sequins on these and only tried them on for a laugh but they are actually really comfy and look pretty good. They also have a small hidden heel which makes me look taller and I need all the help I can get in that department. 


Mens Flannel Shirt £14

I tried on a womans size and surprisingly it wouldn’t do up over my boobs which you think as women tend to have them they would make room for them in shirts. Plus my boobs usually make the shirts too short. I got the mens shirt in a few sizes too big and its nice and long and super comfy.


Mens Light Wash Denim Shirt £16

I’ve been looking for a denim shirt to just chuck on for ages and this one is great. Looks great with a vest top and black bodycon and my new high topsImage


White 73 Baseball T-Shirt £14.99

This top is so comfy and will go with the denim shorts I tend to live in or with a pair of leggings to lounge around the house in.Image


Tan Chunky Block Heel Ankle Boots £18.74

I went into to New Look to look at a different pair of boots but I feel in love with these. They are quite comfy and easy to walk in and they were in the sale so I couldn’t really say no.Image


Faux Fur Trim Hooded Parka £49.99

My mum tried on this coat and it looked amazing on her and so cosy so I decided to try it on too. I fell in love with it, then tried to talk myself out of buying it as I already have a coat and then my lovely mum got it for me. Im so happy with it and have worn it every day since. Its so cosy and makes the horrific weather we’ve been having recently slightly better, plus it has really big pockets.



Black Lace Flower Slogan Sweater £12.99

I am in love with this jumper. I have never worn something so comfy. It’s also not too thick so I don’t get too hot and I’ll still be able to wear it in summer. 



Black Polka Dot Long Sleeve Shirt £19.99

I needed some polka dots in my life and before this shop I didn’t have any shirts in my life. This looks great on and even though it’s long sleeve which I was nervous about I don’t get too hot. Downside, with my bendy fingers, it’s not the easiest to get on & off as the buttons are a bit fiddly.Image


Monochrome Large Spot Sleeveless Shirt £17.99

More Polka dots. This looks great with a pair of leggings for an easy comfy outfit that looks good but isn’t exhausting to put on. I wear a black vest top underneath as it is a bit see through plus my boobs have the tendency to pop the buttons open. No idea how but Im glad I was wearing a vest top otherwise I would have flashed at everyone at my hospital appointment.Image


Sheer Kimono £5

This was in the sale and I’ve been looking for one for ages. It will be great for nights out when you don’t want to be too hot and I’m sure I will wear it non stop in summer. Image


Vest top £7

I looked at this when it was full price and so glad I waited for it to go into the sale. I wasn’t too sure on the print on the front but I’m glad I got it. Its a change from my normal black vest tops and it looks great with the denim shirt.Image


Anyone treated themselves to anything nice?


My Clothes and Accessories Haul

Okay so here’s the second part of my haul post. This one is what clothes and accessories I picked up in George at ASDA, New Look and River Island.

George black and white stripe top

I got this vest from George at ASDA but I can’t find the link. It was about £6.00 I think. I love the pattern on it and it’ll be great with a pair of denim shorts and its long enough to go with leggings too.

george heart tshirt

This heart t-shirt is also from George and was £6.00.  This is a great casual t-shirt to just chuck on and go. I’ll probably be wearing it with denim shorts.

New look black and white print top

Monochrome Aztec Crochet Back Vest £12.99: As you may be able to tell Im a big fan of black and white. Its so easy to wear. I love the print on this top and the crochet detail on the back.

New look denim look dress

Blue Acid Wash Sleeveless Skater Dress £12.99: I’ve been looking for a dress to wear during the day for ages but have struggled as a lot of them have a high neckline that doesn’t really work with big boobs. This dress is prefect. The skater style is really flattering and the neckline isn’t too high. It can also be worn in winter with tights. I’m so glad I found this dress. It was the only one I saw in the shop and it was in my size so fate was saying it had to be mine. The material is stretchy and really soft so it’ll be great for just chucking on and being comfy. Also be great for those days when my fibromyalgia means my skin hates the contact of clothes.

New look denim top

Blue Sleeveless Denim Shirt down from £14.99 to £7.00 in the Sale: I’ve been looking at these for ages and this will be great to just chuck on as an extra layer over a vest and left undone. At £7 I couldn’t really not get it.

New look grey blazer

Charcoal Lightweight Jersey Blazer £19.99: I am obsessed with blazers. I have two others one in a pale peach colour and another one in a brighter orangey/peachy colour so I’ve been looking for a more neutral colour that I can wear with everything. As soon as I saw this one I hoped they had it in my size as I needed to own it.

New look navy shoes

Navy Lace Up Plimsolls £11.99 I tend to have to wear slightly sensible shoes due to my weak and stroppy ankles. These are great as they are lace up and they are roomy enough that I can fit my ankle supports in them (sexy). I’ll probably be wearing these most days.

New Look Earrings and Bracelet

New look Gold and black double pyramid cuff bracelet £1.00 in Sale: Couldn’t really not get this for a quid. I’m not normally a gold jewellery kinda girl but I’m slowly changing my mind especially as it goes with my tan.

New Look Turquoise Dream catcher hoop earrings £3.00 in Sale: I’m a sucker for dangly earrings and I love dream catchers and turquoise so when I saw these in the sale I had to have them.

River Island Green Purse

River Island Green Laser Cut Clip Top Purse £17.00: I’ve needed a new purse for about 6 months now and I love River Islands handbags and purses. I’ve been popping in for ages now but they’ve never had a purse that’s caught my (plenty of handbags though unfortunately). I decided to have a look and this one jumped out at me as soon as I walked in so it is now happily living in my handbag.

What do you think of my purchases? What are you buying?