My Revision and Bad Pain Day Wardrobe

With serious revision time upon us and the fact that my pain is spiking at the moment due to me forgetting that I do actually have a chronic illness and over doing it recently I thought I would share with you what fabulous and comfy clothes I wear during these fun times.

Revision and Bad Pain Day Wardrobe

This Is What Perfection Looks Like T-Shirt £8

Mens T-shirts are always better than womens. They have room for large boobs unlike some womens T-shirts which is weird because it tends to be women that have big boobs. They are also long enough. None of this riding up or cropped business. Plus they usually have cool prints/logos on them.

Check Print Pyjama Bottoms £8

Oh pyjamas what would I do without you. I would say 50% of all clothes I wear are pyjamas. I have so many I had to empty a second draw of real clothes to accommodate them. So comfy and obviously super stylish. Also great for days when my skin is freaking out because they are nice & light and don’t touch my skin too much

Ribbed Vest Top £3

Vest tops are the majority of my top collection. I always get too hot so vest tops are great. Plus light and comfy.

Lonsdale Core Jog Mens Sweat Pants £7

I may have become obsessed with these when I stole a pair from my brother when I was ill one day and needed to go out but apparently Sonic the hedgehog pjs weren’t acceptable and these were the next best thing. They are soo comfy and great when you need to go out somewhere and have to change out of the beloved pjs. I also may have slept in them a few times when I have been too exhausted and in too much pain to change for bed.

Slub Vest Top £7

Another vest top which is light, cool and nice and long.

Navy Hudson & Rose Drawstring Shorts £9.99

I got these the other day so that I didn’t spend every day chilling in the flat in my beloved pyjama shorts. I thought this might make it look like I had actually got dressed and had my life together. They are so comfy and even though I thought they were a little pricey for casual bumming around the house shorts I love them and have worn them every day and they are now in the wash 😦

Grey & Black Stripe Trim Knee High Socks £3.99

I have a slight addiction to socks but I have an excuse. Crappy circulation from my Raynauds means my feet are always freezing hence the large collection of socks. I love knee high and over the knee at the moment and I really want these pairs.

Mr Cool T-Shirt £8

Once again baggy mens shirts are the way forward also no one can tell you aren’t wearing a bra

Athletic Works Neon Side Piped Cropped Leggings £5

Okay so these are supposed to be for exercising but they are so damn comfy I cant help but lounge around in them.

Mint Green Hudson & Rose Authentic Sweater £14.99

Massive fan of these sweaters as they aren’t as heavy as hoodies.

Front Zip Sports Bra £8

For those days when you need to wear a bra but normal bras are too painful (stupid things) sports bras are great. This one is awesome because it does up at the front so no wrestling trying to get it on and popping out shoulders.


I also did a post on my revision tips over on my more lifestyle blog which you can find here


So what’s in your super fabulous highly stylish comfy wardrobe



Wishlist Wednesday

It is Wednesday today right? I’ve been so bad at keeping this up to date. Uni work is pretty hectic at the moment. Have exams next month and an essay that I still haven’t finished as well as a lit review for my dissertation which I’m doing next year.

Anyway I know I’ve done a lot of wishlists recently but as I’m still on a kinda of spending ban (I may have broken it this week. Expect a haul post soon) I thought I would start doing wishlist Wednesdays.

I am in love with Shop Dixi’s stuff. They have so many gorgeous things and I want it all. So here’s what I’m lusting after and may treat myself to after exams or for my birthday next month.

Shop Dixi Wishlist

1. Sterling Silver Wishbone Midi Ring £14

I already have the Rose Gold version of this ring and love it but I wear more silver jewellery so I really want to add this to my collection (see the midi rings I already own here)

2. Adrana Turquoise Amulet Ring £16

I adore the colour of this ring. Turquoise is my favourite colour and I love the chunkiness of this ring

3. Inhale, Exhale Ring Set £18

When my pain is bad my mum always tells me to just breathe and then distracts me by talking me through my breathing so I concentrate on that instead. These rings kind remind me of that.

4. Sterling Silver Plain Band Thumb Ring £14

I love thumb rings but the ones I own were cheap from new look and are now seriously tarnished and turn my thumb green but this sterling silver one is a reasonable price so this may be first on my list after exams,

5. Silas Arrow Wrap Bracelet £8

I have the arrow wrap midi ring which I love and this would look great with it. I’m a massive fan of bangles at the moment

6. I Love You To The Moon & Back Bracelet £25

As kids my mum always used to say this when she put us to bed and then we’d reply with well I love you to the moon and back times infinity. It was always a competition to see who could declare their love with the infinity first.

7. Little Luna Crescent Moon Necklace £8

I do love moons and I think it has to do with the whole Love you to the moon and back thing

8. Shyla Leaf Anklet £10

I’m a massive fan of anklets and my mum bought me a gorgeous gold one for Christmas one year and it is permanently attached to my ankle in the summer. However I’m to scared to wear it on holiday in case I lose it so I like to have a collection of backups and this ons is gorgeous

9. The Lucky One Horse Shoe Necklace £6

I used to own horses and horse shoe brings back good memories and its always good to have a lucky necklace.

What are you lusting after from Shop Dixi?


Shoes Wishlist

I am a total shoe addict yet I never seem to wear shoes. No idea why but I kick them off at every opportunity. I think it might be because I sit in such weird positions and shoes just get in the way plus they keep my ankles in the position they’re supposed to be but that’s not where they sit naturally.

Anyway moving on from my weird ankles here are the shoes I am lusting after at the moment. Most of them are heels which is stupid because even though I adore them my body is not a massive fan of them and my mum tends to call them my wheelchair shoes.

Shoes Wishlist


Black Suede Effect Cork Wedges £22.99

I love wedges. They have to be the comfiest heels to wear and look great dressed up or down in summer. I couldn’t decide whether I preferred these in black or red. The red are gorgeous but I think black would go with more.

Black Double Strap Cut Out Platform Shoe Boots £27.99

I wasn’t a fan of the cut out boot trend when it started but I’m slowly being converted and these are really nice

Black Chunky strappy Heels £27.99

I need a pair of black heels for going out to wear with black tights. These are lovely and also come in a few other gorgeous colours

White Quilted Panel High Tops £30

I love high tops and mine are looking a bit tattered now. These white ones from River Island are lush although probably wouldn’t stay white for long.

Black Chelsea Block Heel Ankle Boot £14.99

I’ve been lusting after these for ages & haven’t got them yet because of my spending ban and in my moment of weakness they didn’t have my size. I am however using them as motivation to finish my essay and said if I finish it by next week I will treat myself to them

Black Quilted Panel High Tops £30

Black high tops might be easier to keep clean and they would go with black tights which I live in at the moment

Light Pink Chunky Platform Sandals £55

These are a gorgeous colour and would look great in summer however my bank balance and crappy ankles and hips say no

Black Double Buckle Chunky Block Heel Boots £29.99

I’m a huge fan of the chunky heeled boots this year as it is a heel I can wear and are pretty comfy meaning I can get some much needed extra height.

Light Orange Peep Toe Platform Sandals £55

Also a gorgeous colour

What shoes are you lusting after at the moment?


Gym stuff wishlist

I do have some posts that aren’t wishlists to come up soon, I just have to get around to writing them which hopefully I’ll do over the weekend. So for now here’s the gym/lounging around stuff I want in my life.

I really need some more gym stuff but that’s not something I particularly want to spend my precious pennies on when there are so many prettier and more exciting things I could buy. However Matalan & Asda have a pretty good selection of gym stuff for pretty low prices and they are great for bad pain days and hospital appointments.

I already own the front zip sports bra and it is better than my more expensive one and so much easier for my crappy shoulders. I cant have the pull over your head sports bras because they just result in me getting stuck and dislocating shoulders which isn’t particularly fun and kind of embarrassing when you have to get your mum to help you out of said predicament. This solves all problems and is super comfy. It also gets worn when my costochondritis is flaring but I have to go out in public so need a bra.

I also already own the grey cropped leggings. So far these have only been worn to the gym once as they are so comfy I tend to wear them on bad pain days and when certain clothing irritates my skin hence the need for another pair. These are also comfier than the £24 pair of karrimor ones I bought to start with.

I really want to try the asda leggings as they look super comfy too and the Matalan shorts look great for when the weather gets warmer. I also need some more gym tops as I only have one tatty vest top that I have to keep washing.

My gym wear always doubles up for the complete opposite of its intended purpose as they are great for when I cant get away with wearing pyjamas but just don’t have the energy to get dressed in real clothes.

Gym stuff wishlist

1. Active Vest Top £8

2. Front Zip Sports Bra £8

3. Active Bubble Hem T-Shirt £8

4. Athletic Works Neon Side Piped Cropped Leggings £10

5. Active Shorts £8

6. Active Crop Leggings £10


River Island Accessories Lust List

I’ve spent way too much money recently so decided to go on a bit of a spending ban but of course now that I can’t spend any money I want to buy everything. Luckily the thought of saving up for summer holidays is keeping me strong. Just be prepared for lots of wishlists and lust lists over the next few months.

So here’s what I am lusting after in River Island at the moment.

The pale pink quilted bag is gorgeous although it would be perfect if it had a longer strap. I couldnt decide which colour of the snake print bags I preferred. I think I’m leaning more towards the blue.

I’m obsessed with cat eye sunglasses after buying a pair last summer and these 3 are gorgeous colours. I adore the light green pair but I’m not a massive fan of brown lenses but the pink pair are perfect.

Pale pinks seem to be everywhere at the moment and I’m not normally a pastel girl but I am loving them this year. The black tote bag would never happen but I do love it, its the perfect size and would go with everything.

River Island Accessories Wish List

1. Light Pink Quilted Underarm Bag £28

2. Blue Leather Snake Satchel £45

3.  Pink Leather Snake Satchel £45

4. Black Cat Eye Sunglasses £13

5. Light Green Cat Eye Sunglasses £10

6. Light Pink Cat Eye Sunglasses £10

7. Cream Contrast Panel Doctors Bag £40

8. Light Pink Chain Trim Bowler Bag £37

9. Black Leather Metal Trim Tote Bag £80

What are you lusting after at the moment?


River Island Kimono Wishlist

I am in love with the kimono trend. They make you look like you made way more effort with your outfit than you actually did. They can be casual or dressed up and they’re super comfy. I tried on Number 1 today and was so tempted to buy it as its gorgeous, even though Im not normally a flowers person, but I’m trying to save some pennies at the moment. I also tried on number 4 but wasn’t sure about the tassels. It did look really nice though.
River Island Kimono Wishlist

1. Black Floral Print Kimono £35

2. Black Abstract Embellished Trim Kimono £40

3. Black Embellished Trim Kimono £35

4. Pink Floral Oriental Longline Kimono £40

5. Blue Tiger Print Satin Burnout Kimono £40

Are you a kimono fan?
Which one out of the 5 do you prefer?

Shop Dixi Midi Rings

As mentioned in my after exams haul post I recently added to my Shop Dixi midi ring collection. I am obsessed with midi rings and Shop Dixi has an amazing collection. I want everything from them and it’s really hard resisting spending all my money there.

So far I have

Show Me The Way Midi Ring in Silver £12

Rose Gold Wishbone Midi Ring £8

Plain Band Midi Ring Silver £8

They look great on and it means I can wear more rings as I was starting to run out of fingers. I have noticed a bit of discolouration on the plain band and I do get the slight green finger but a slick of clear nail polish on the ring every now and then sorts that out. Delivery was really quick and a decent price. You can also be entered into a monthly prize draw by uploading a picture of your purchases.





(L-R Plain band, Show me the way)

You can also follow them on twitter and they occasionally tweet discount codes.

Anyone else have anything from here?

What’s your favourite?